One Great Picture


University life has been the best part of my life so far, a transition stage where I had all the freedom of adult life without the accompanying responsibilities. My biggest responsibility was to attend class and pass, which I did because I enjoyed my course. I’ve always wanted to be veterinarian, animals have always been part of my life and so when I learnt I could be paid to spend time around animals I knew I had found my calling. It took me five long years but finally I was done. I was ecstatic the day I learnt I was going to graduate with honors and I knew I had to mark this milestone memorably.

As a present my parents were going to host a party for me, I just had to organize and they would foot the bill. I presented to them my party wish list and they were shocked when I did not include a professional photographer in my list but I didn’t see the point. These days every phone is equipped with a great camera, so why should I pay someone to do what I can do with my iphone? There will be more that 30 cameras there, what is the point of hiring a photographer?

My graduation was great and a thousand photos were taken that day, I just wish I had one great picture to show for it.?

Picture is worth a thousand likes


In this digital era a picture is not only worth a thousand words, it is now worth a thousand likes as well. Social media has opened a new world where businesses can communicate and interact with existing and potential clients. It is not enough to just tell them about you, you need to show them as well. The value of visual content should never be underestimated. It could be the winning difference between you and your competitors.

Your pictures should tell stories and evoke an emotion and create a bond between the business and its customers. Let them be part of the journey, Share your milestones and let them see for themselves how their support has grown the business.

A pictures is truly worth a thousand words and you don’t want those one thousand words working against you by uploading any just any photo. The quality of the photo matters as much as its content.

The last thing you want is people viewing your business through cloudy, scarcely pixilated photographs. I doesn’t matter how great the product or service you are offering, showcase it through a poor quality photo is counterproductive. Whether it’s a launch, team building or end of year party. Clean crisp – high resolution photographs will always be more attractive and captivating to your audience.

A Wedding Day


A Wedding day isn’t prepared over night. It is the accumulation of a series of events. It can have a gestation period of almost two years. First there are the unrelenting hints from the girl to her boyfriend for him to propose. This period takes between six months and a year, or as long as it will take for the man to see the light.

Once the man has seen the light, he then starts gearing up on how he will propose. It’s not enough to just pop the question; she already knows what the question is as well as the answer, way before he ever thought of it. It’s not about the question itself, here he will be judged on how well he sets up the question. Thoughtfulness is what will land him an A, after all this is woman he is going cherish for the rest of his life.

Once she says yes, they both start navigating the mine field that is wedding planning. They will have to get through raising finances and meeting the in-laws but that will be a walk in the park compared to dealing with wedding suppliers. They will be at the mercy of their suppliers and they will be forced to learn the art of micro-managing to make sure everything is set for the big day. Together and with the Grace of God, they will.

And then the big day will arrive, the day they have been eagerly awaiting and working towards for so long. The day their union is made sacrosanct. Such a glorious day needs to be paused and stored in a time capsule, where they can retrieve and relive those precious moment. How else will they do that if not with a professional photographer?

What Makes A Great Photo Great?


What makes a great photo great? Why is it that some photos steal your gaze, holding you hostage to them? Photos that move us emotionally, pictures that tag at our inner being be it empathy, fear, shock or joy. What makes such photos so poignant?

The subject of the shot is makes the story. You can have the perfect photo in terms of lighting and angles but if the subject of the shot is not relatable your picture is as good as a dud. A professional photographer knows this and it’s a skill they learn and hone over a period of time. They have an eye for seeing golden moments and capturing them. What you take in photography is as important as how you take it.

The basic elements of photography are light and time. However time is harder of the two to master. Choosing the right moment to squeeze the shutter trigger is what determines how great a photo will be. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a person’s life that reveal greater truths. Photographers have traverse vast distances and patiently wait for golden moments that they can capture. Moments so fleeting they can’t be captured any other way. As the photographer Elliot Erwitt summed it up beautifully “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

Catalogue Photography


Do you have an online store or selling wares on Facebook? You need a professional photographer to catalogue your products. A professional photographer will help in bringing out the quality of your products when posting online. It doesn’t matter how good your products are, a bad picture will degrade it.

A good picture will prove you are authentic. So many businesses resort to stealing stock pictures on search engines. Not only is this wrong and an infringement of copyrights but customers see right through, making you look inauthentic. The same stock picture you have taken has probably been used hundreds of thousands of times if not millions and most probably by your competitors.

Cataloguing your products helps you know what is in stock as well as what are your most popular products. Once you have your stock online it will be easy to see which product receives the most attention, whether its likes or inquiry and purchase.

Don’t run your online shop like a hobby. Be professional to gain the most out of your venture and that means investing in professional services. A professional photographer cataloging your products is an investment. Its part of your marketing which you can only ignore it to your own peril.